5 Pinterest Collaborative Boards: Teaching & Education

I must confess that I am now an official Pinterest addict and I have spent more than an hour of my waking day to devote to building content of my awesome Pinterest teacher boards since its inception in November. The great news is that I'm now opening them up for collaboration!
What are Pinterest Collaborative Boards? They are actually boards on Pinterest that allow other pinners to pin content on the board. Yes, it's that plain and simple! I believe that I have great colleagues who are also Pinterest users (like YOU!) who would want to share pins centered around teaching and special education. Collaborative boards on Pinterest are a great way to share your information to other teachers and networkers, while also generating great back links to your blog or website.
My Pinterest boards are now open, please leave a comment on the latest post and I will certainly add you. Let's start sharing!
#1. Books and Reading Resources. This is all about the written word. Please leave me a comment on the most recent pin if you are interested in sharing your books and everything about books on this board.
#2 Great Ideas From Teachers. Need ideas for the kiddos? Get authentic teacher-made classroom resources, fun kid-friendly games, craftivities and more from our amazing teachers. If you want to share your awesome classroom pins, please leave me a comment on the most recent pin! We currently have 75 teachers collaborating on this board, join us!

#3 Social Media and Technology in Education. For social media savvy teachers, this board is for you! Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google + tips and tricks to make all of them grow and glow...follow this board! Let me know if you want to be a pinner to this board by leaving a comment on the most recent pin.

#4 100+ Education Quotes. Get your education quotes from the most political edreform sayings to the most inspirational wisdom laden and famous proverbs from this board! Same process, share your pins by leaving a comment on the most recent pin and I will add you as a collaborator.
#5 National Board Certification and Teacherpreneurship. When the going gets tough, what do you do? Here are some resources that you might need if you are going through the process of National Board Certification or are just looking for teaching standards and best practices for effective teacher leaders. If you have something to share about NBC or Teacherpreneurship, please leave a comment on the most recent post.


JMS Professional Learning Community


Dear colleagues,

Hope you enjoyed your long weekend as I did with family and friends!!!

Our PD this morning on Professional Learning Community was fantastic, I have learned some of the things that I still need to do to contribute to the team and have validated some of the things that we are already proactively doing as a whole to target the strengths and needs of our students.

Check this out: http://digitalanthology.blogspot.com/  (click)

Ms. Felton already mentioned about our SPED Dep't Website; I have extended what used to be my class portal to our now JMS SPED portal in the spirit of collaboration. To innovatively address the issues that we are having (yes, we listen and we do something hoping to resolve everyone's concerns) regarding differentiating instruction, modifying classwork, and availability of SPED instructional resources to help ALL our struggling kids (not just students with IEP), we have made these accessible to you 24/7 even after school hours:

- letters to parents and students
- SPED syllabus
- class rules and expectations
- lesson presentations
- lesson plans and HW
- SPED course materials
- project rubrics
- helpful tips

All members of our team (Ms. Lobban, Ms. McMillan, Ms. Wright, myself) will be posting announcements and resources as frequently as possible. Please give us a few days to train ourselves on how to use this wonderful collaborative tool. Also, please give us your constructive feedback (e.g. how else can we improve this website to better serve you and our students) about the SPED Dep't digital portfolio.

Of course, nothing compares to one-on-one conversations, please come by our rooms during our planning time (mine is 3rd Period) and/ or afterschool hours so we can talk about our concerns. As always, let us work together to meet our common goal: helping our students succeed.

Thank you and have a great week!!!

Maria Angala, NBCT


Distance education said...

Working together makes a difference. You've got a very good blog. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ms. Angala,
My name is Professor Pete Post and I teach pre-service teachers at Trinity Christian College (after working a quick 3 decades teaching high school special education). I would like my students to take a look at your blog for some inspiration and to get their creative juices flowing on thoughts about their future classrooms. Thank you for this exciting production and best wishes to all of your students for a great year.

Anonymous said...

Dear SPED Team of Jefferson MS,
This blog seems like an efficient and beneficial way to incorporate technology with communication between parents and educators as well as with the students. Communication is key. I can see how parents would benefit from this tool you have provided for them. Not only is it easily accessible for them, but the tool is productive as well. I think it is a wonderful bridge from the classroom to the home. Parents will love being notified and informed about all the important tidbits of what is going on in the classroom. This blog will keep parents up-to-date on work that is going on inside the classroom walls as well as keeping them involved in their child’s academic progress.

I also think it is really cool that you have this tool serve as your students’ e-portfolios. After completing quality work, the student can look forward to showing it off to their parents at home. This blog, for your class, seems like a great idea! As a future teacher, I think this tool of technology is very neat and I could see myself incorporating it into my classroom like you have. 
Hope you and your class have a wonderful school year!

Hannah Sprague
(Sophomore at Trinity Christian College majoring in Special/Elementary ED)

Maria Angala, NBCT said...

@Professor Pete,

Thank you for your kind words. Please feel free to use our JMS collaborative weblog as a resource for your students at Trinity College. All the best to you and your students!!


Thanks much and glad that this collaborative weblog is going beyond just a medium of communication and collaboration for our JMS community. Having this weblog as a resource/ reference for college students and future teachers only proves to us that we are exceeding the expectations for this weblog! Best regards!

Anonymous said...

This blog seems like a great idea! It is such a good use of the web to communicate with parents and make sure that everyone is on the same page. I'm sure that this helps students at school and at home. When parents are aware of what is going on everyday, they can help and be more effective at home as well. I think that having it online is a great idea because when papers or journals are sent home, they are easily forgotten or lost. This way everyone can have access to the information all the time. Awesome idea!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dear SPED Team of Jefferson MS,
This blog is a great way to build a connection between students and their teachers. This will show students that their teachers want to help them learn by going the extra mile and putting information online. It also gives teachers a chance to reiterate important classroom materials, rules, lessons, and homework assignments over the Internet. This is extremely helpful because sometimes students forget what assignments are due. Also, this blog is a great idea because it keeps parents involved in their children’s education. If more and more parents get involved in their child’s education, I believe that there will be less children dropping out of school because their parents will motivate them to stay in!
Thank you and have a great school year!
Anita Anderson
(Sophomore at Trinity Christian College
majoring in Special Education)

Anonymous said...

Dear SPED Team,
I believe this blog is a great way to involve parents, caretakers, aides,-whoever it might be- into the education and growth of each student. It can provide an easy outlet for parent-teacher collaboration outside of the classroom. I think the students can really improve in their school work if the educating is not just done inside the classroom but extending to their home settings as well.
The blog is beneficial for both students and parents because the documentation of progress and growth can give insight towards their child's future. I would love to incorporate this kind of technology in my own classroom because it could play a vital role in communication, development, and extension outside of the classroom setting.
Best of Luck,
Kyle Mastey (Trinity Christian College Jr., SPED Major)

Anonymous said...

Dear SPED Team of Jefferson MS,

I'm a student at Trinity Christian College studying to be a SPED teacher. This blog seems like such a good idea for the classroom! Last semester we were learning about how to incorporate technology in the classroom; and this seems like a very resourceful and useful tool for everyone in the student's life that may have a part in their education. It's very impressive how everyone is able to follow along with the student's progress. I think it's awesome that the students are able to look at their work too, that would make me excited. =)

Hopefully I'll be able to be as successful, as you all seem to be, informing the students and parents about their achievements. This seems like a really good tool and I'd like to learn more about it. I hope you all have a great year!

Stefanie Geer

Anonymous said...

Dear SPED Team,

This blog is an amazing idea. I think it will create a sense of openness and community with the teachers and parents. It's so important for the parents to know exactly what's going on in their child's classroom and feel welcomed by the teacher. I'm glad it's also available for the students to look up syllabi, classroom rules, and other things that help keep everyone on the same page.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea, and good luck in the rest of the year.

Jackie Witte
Trinity Christian College
Elementary Education

Anonymous said...

Today we live in a world full of great technolgy for example this blog. I love the idea of having a blog that teachers and students can both communicate though. This wedsite is very easy to access and has great features. This is a great way to have parents check up on their childrens grades and have their children show their parents all the fun work they have been up to. This is all possible because you can go online from home. By doing this at home students will be excited to go online and further their learning. This idea seems very successful and useful. Thank you for the ideas, Im excited to put them to use in the furture. -Meghan Trinity SpEd major

Anonymous said...

Dear SPED Team of JMS,
I believe this is a great tool to be using for classroom work and to get the parents involved with the students school work also. I believe this would put less stress on teachers harping about homework assignments being due and getting them turned in on time because with this the parents and check and make sure everything is getting done. It will also help with communication with the parents. Parents can see what grade their child is getting and see the grade for each assignment also. Not only will this help the parents become more involved with their child's school work and school life, it also helps the students as well.

Frank Kovach
(Sophomore at Trinity Christian College, Physical Education major)

Anonymous said...

Dear SPED team –
This weblog is a wonderful addition to everything you are doing. I think you all are doing a wonderful job using the resources available to you. Thank you for making this weblog viewable to the public so that not only parents and grandparents can see the work their child is doing but so that we can learn from you as you go through the daily activities of your job. I think that to use the web as an asset is something we as teachers need to embrace instead of shun away from. Being able to use things such as a weblog is something we all need to learn so that interaction between home and school can be easier. Incorporating technology in the classroom is a very important tool and it is nice to see that teachers like yourself are embracing it and using it for your benefit.

God Bless!
Courtney Rozeveld – Sophomore, Trinity Christian College

Anonymous said...

Dear SPED Team,
I think is a great idea! In my opinion the most positive thing about this blog is the fact that other teachers, the student's parents and the students all have ways to track their work. I think this is especially beneficial to the parents. I can remember in my high school days when my parents didn't have any easy way to access my school stuff, this is a easy and great way to do that!

This is something that I will consider for my classroom someday as it seems very organized and easy to keep up!
Matt Nagelkirk (Junior at Trinity Christian College P.E Major)

Anonymous said...

Dear SPED Team, This blog is a great idea for the classroom. It’s a way for parents to know how their child doing in the classroom. It is a great way for students to look up information or assignments they need for their classroom. Parents will be able to see what kids grades and how they are doing in their classes. It’s a great way that help parents communicate with the teacher and get involved in their kids school events. Having the parents involved in their kid’s lives will help keep the student motivated and always willing to learn.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea and best of wishes.
Haya Ismail
Trinity Christian College

Anonymous said...

Dear SPED Team of Jefferson MS,

This blog seems like a very easy and beneficial way to provide technology and better communication amongst teachers, students, and other educators. As a future educator,I would definiately consider having a blog similiar to this. This is a great motivational tool for students to display his or her work, so they can receive positive feedback for their work and the students and parents can see the progress being made. Keep up the great work!

Austin Warner
(Junior Physical Education major at Trinity Christian College)

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WELCOME SY 2014-2015!

Teachers & parents tell me that this blog is like a "One-Stop-Shop", here's why ---

There are tons of lesson plans, printables, activity sheets and other resources that special education teachers can find in this blog! It's all for you to get the lil ones engaged in their seats and lovin' what they're doin'!

This blog is also our class portal to communicate information about our class, to archive course materials, to publish the course curriculum, syllabus, class rules, lessons, homework assignments, rubrics, and presentations. Yes, everything is in this blog for our students to review our lessons at home!

Parents love the transparency and the ability to access class materials in this blog. It's easy for parents to follow along as my students post their work. This holds true for their psychologists, social workers, general education teachers, and other special ed providers. This is another way for us to collaborate with the Multi-Disciplinary Team members of our students!

This class blog also serves as our students' e-portfolio. Our students collect the work they want to consider highlighting and then publish those that represent their best work. They then reflect on their work as they share them to their parents and teachers for positive comments and feedback. It's very easy for them to look back over their work and see the growth they've accomplished!

We invite you to please leave a message to our students. Beside the tiny envelope just after each entry is the comments link. Your positive feedback will surely encourage our students to do their best in school.

Thank you for visiting our class portal!