5 Pinterest Collaborative Boards: Teaching & Education

I must confess that I am now an official Pinterest addict and I have spent more than an hour of my waking day to devote to building content of my awesome Pinterest teacher boards since its inception in November. The great news is that I'm now opening them up for collaboration!
What are Pinterest Collaborative Boards? They are actually boards on Pinterest that allow other pinners to pin content on the board. Yes, it's that plain and simple! I believe that I have great colleagues who are also Pinterest users (like YOU!) who would want to share pins centered around teaching and special education. Collaborative boards on Pinterest are a great way to share your information to other teachers and networkers, while also generating great back links to your blog or website.
My Pinterest boards are now open, please leave a comment on the latest post and I will certainly add you. Let's start sharing!
#1. Books and Reading Resources. This is all about the written word. Please leave me a comment on the most recent pin if you are interested in sharing your books and everything about books on this board.
#2 Great Ideas From Teachers. Need ideas for the kiddos? Get authentic teacher-made classroom resources, fun kid-friendly games, craftivities and more from our amazing teachers. If you want to share your awesome classroom pins, please leave me a comment on the most recent pin! We currently have 75 teachers collaborating on this board, join us!

#3 Social Media and Technology in Education. For social media savvy teachers, this board is for you! Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google + tips and tricks to make all of them grow and glow...follow this board! Let me know if you want to be a pinner to this board by leaving a comment on the most recent pin.

#4 100+ Education Quotes. Get your education quotes from the most political edreform sayings to the most inspirational wisdom laden and famous proverbs from this board! Same process, share your pins by leaving a comment on the most recent pin and I will add you as a collaborator.
#5 National Board Certification and Teacherpreneurship. When the going gets tough, what do you do? Here are some resources that you might need if you are going through the process of National Board Certification or are just looking for teaching standards and best practices for effective teacher leaders. If you have something to share about NBC or Teacherpreneurship, please leave a comment on the most recent post.


Homework homerun!!

Dear Parents,

We have a few more days left until the DC CAS state assessments.

During DC CAS testing in the spring, 6th to eighth grade students must not only know basic and advanced knowledge and skills, they must retain them, understand them, and use them in real life situations.

As parents you can help with improving your child/children's test scores by letting your child do their homework at home which I have linked from this class website. All of the links, the powerpoint and the practice probes and games here have been used presented in class and should be reviewed and practiced by your child. In the next few days, I will be uploading some videos that your child can watch at home related to the lessons that we are learning in the classroom from Discovery Education. Please ask your child to visit the class website and do the homework using the log-in codes listed.

As your child's teacher, I am working very hard to give him/ her the academic supports that he/ she needs even outside the classroom and even beyond the call of duty. I want to see your child successful in life as much as you do.

Please take a few minutes to review the class website and work with your child each night on some of the strategies offered. Even students not in my class and from other school districts are using our Practice Probes and are having fun while learning from it.

Thank you for taking the time to always read my weekly emails. Your involvement is critical to your child's success.

Room 118


pete post said...

Ms. Angala - Thank you for this wonderful blog. I am going to assign my education students at Trinity Christian College to check it out and post a comment of encouragement for you AND your class. I am also going to try an e-mail some of our projects for your students to see. I really love the math raps. Keep up the good work. Professor Pete Post

Anonymous said...

Hello Ms. Angala
I am a student of Professor Post and Trinity Christian College. Just from browsing through your site I really love what you have created! You really have gone above and beyond your call of duty! You seem to be VERY dedicated to your students and that is amazing! If I could encourage your students just by saying, take advantage of all that Ms. Angala is providing for you! You wont always have a teacher who cares so much about the success of the students! She isn't trying to just give you more homework, but what she is having you do will really benefit you in the future! You seem to have been really blessed with an amazing teacher! Good luck on the tests in the spring! - Becky Norgard

Eureka said...

I love the idea of having lesson plans, students activities, etc on a blog for all to see. I have to say this is really impressive. It is nice to see a teacher who cares about her students and really shows it by writing in your blog. I do not know if the school you work at requires all teachers to have blogs, but if you are required, that is great because it seems like a great idea!
I love the creativity of your students with the math raps and also how motivated they are to do well. Keep up the good work and good luck to your students on whatever test is coming up!
~Erika Huizenga

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am so impressed not only by all the work I am sure went into this on your part but also the students hardwork and dedication. The blog is incredibly organized and it shares the students perspective of learning. I just wanna say thank you for putting out this blog and keep up the great work! It is great to see a teacher who is so dedicated and students who are excited about learning. I am sure also that this makes learning fun for the students as well. Have a great rest of the year! Sarah Lau

Becky said...

Hello Ms. Angala,
I am also a student of Professor Post at Trinity Christian College. After viewing the blog you have created I am really impressed. Everything that you have set up for not only your students but their parents is truly amazing. I think this is a great way for communication, and I love that the parents can just look on here to see what is going on. I can tell that you really care about your students, and I can tell that the students seem to enjoy how you teach them. Those math raps were very creative and fun. Good luck wtih the rest of your teaching and keep up the good work with this blog.
-Becky Crawley

Anonymous said...

Ms. Angala,
What you are doing is great. I love how you are incorporating extra lessons into the year online. It is giving students who need that extra help a chance to look over this material at their own time. I am just wondering how amny of ur students are utilizing this great program you set up? Are the students really going for it and utilizing it? I also like the poems and raps that you are using to teach. Thanks Steve pellack

Anonymous said...

Ms. Angala,
Your website is wonderful. It contains so many useful links and notes. I love the fact that you put lesson plans and powerpoints that you used in class on the website. I wish that my teachers had done that for me because it looks like a very useful way to review and find answers if you are confused. The website looks like it takes a lot of time and I hope that your students know what you are doing for them and that they use the resources you give them so that they will retain the information that you teach them.
I also like the fact that you write a letter to the parents and ask them to encourage their children to do their homework. Telling the parents that you want to see their child succeed will make them see that you care and they will be more willing to help you out. Placing some of the students’ work on the website also shows that you care and are an excellent teacher. Continue to encourage your students and give them resources to help them succeed and they will become better students because of you.
~Ashley Miedema

Anonymous said...

Ms. Angala,

First off, I would like to mention that I am very excited and inspired by what you have done here. I like the idea of incorporating technology into the students’ lives as they are given the opportunity to actually use it. Although they might be having a hard time getting the hang of it, I think they will greatly benefit from it in the future. I also like the idea of posting videos that relate to the lessons being taught in class. As we all know, students love visuals and I think that is one of the best ways to get students involved in whatever you are planning to teach them.
To conclude I would like to ask you a question or two. Have you had any problems with students who do not have a computer or internet access at home? Is there an alternative for those students who do not have access? Have you had any parents who have rejected this idea?
Overall, I have enjoyed viewing your blog and I am sure your students enjoy it as well. Have a great year!!- Maria Zubek

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Angala,
I am a Student of Professor Post at Trinity Christian College. I think this is a great idea of having all the children's homework available online for them. You really seem to be there for every one of your students willing to work with them to teach them all kinds of great new objectives. Also, I like how in you are communicating with the parents so they know what their children are learning in school and what different kinds of homework they have. Also I loved the idea of the testing tips from my students, as a student with test taking problems I would of loved to have that in my class when I was there age. Just again thank you for letting me posting a blog on your website. And I hope you and your class have a great rest of a school year. Nicki Vanderhyden

Jami S. said...

Ms. Angala,
The time and effort you have put into creating this website gives a clear representation of your dedication to your students. What a wonderful way to communicate with students, family members, and others in their educational team!
I am also impressed with the creative work your students are doing and the effort they have put into their learning. Thank you for posting directions for the raps and blackboard scavenger hunt on your site -- I plan on borrowing these ideas to use with my students:)

Dave B. said...

Hey Ms. Angala
After browsing through your blog site I was just blown away. I was impressed that you have assignments and the student activities all laid out on the site. I also watched some of the raps that the students made and all I have to say is Wow. I was floored by the creativity of the students and how they put their lessons to song. I never thought of doing that before and I just thought that it was a really cool idea to do. I'm not sure if you are required to have a blog for the school you work at but from what I can see it looks like a very crucial tool for parents and other teachers. Keep up the good work and have a good rest of your school year!

Dave B.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Angala,

Your site looks very inviting to children. It is a great thing to have, and I think that you did a really good job creating it. I love the math raps and songs. Just want to say good job and keep it up. You make me to not be to able to wait to become a teacher! I am very excited for that day and this just got me more excited for all the fun things that I can do with my class! Keep it up!-Alli Stoub

Vanessa Noonan said...

Ms. Angala,
I'm very glad I was able to see a blog as meaningful as this one. I can tell that your heart is absolutely in the right place when it comes to teaching. I have come across so many teachers who are in it for the wrong reasons. I hope to be a teacher like you.
I very much like how you include the parents when it comes to what the students are learning and doing. It's extremely important for parents to be active in their child's education.
I would absolutely tell your students to enjoy every day that they experience with you are their teacher. I would again mention that is isn't always the case where students are blessed with such a wonderful and dedicated teacher. Have a wonderful year!!
-Vanessa Noonan

Anonymous said...

Hello Ms. Angala,
After reading through this blog and exploring your website, I am very impressed! All the extra time and effort you have put into helping your students suceed is amazing! I really like how you strive to get the parents involved in their child's/children's education. Hopefully with the extra effort you have put into helping your students suceed, the parents of these children will follow through and help prepare their child/children for the tests coming up. Thanks for your dedication to teaching! You are an inspiration! -Allie Cable

Josh Penley said...

Hello Ms. Angala
I am also a student of Professor Post. I think it is great to give the students an opportunity to learn at home and do it online. We are in the technology age, and by providing students with online activities, you are staying up to date. I hope more teachers start doing this and help students retain the information they learn. It really shows that you care about the success of your kids and I hope I can have this same attitude when I get to be a teacher.

Josh Penley

Kristi said...

Ms. Angala,
I have to admit your blog is a great idea for your students and their parents. I'm aiding in early childhood special education classrooms this semester, and a website like this would be great for parents to stay up to date with what's going on in the classroom and staying connected with teachers. Posting what goes on in your classroom, helpful links to your powerpoints, and resourceful links are really great ways to help your students out. Nice job!
-Kristi Jendrzejak

Bee Yang said...

Hi Ms. Angala,
I just want to say that I love this idea that you have created here. I can definitely see the dedication you have for your students and interest in their parents as well. I think that it's great to be able to keep parents updated in classroom activities or simply homework assignments that students may or may not have gotten to yet. This is also a great way of connecting with students; it's good to teach students how to use technology as we all know our world today. Keep up the great work!
-Bee Yang

Ashley said...

Ms. Angala,

I am a student at Trinity Christian College, and truly have enjoyed looking at your blog. It is very impressive. I think that having a blog like this could encourage your students to check it and they would be more encouraged to do well. At the school I teacher's aide at, they are beginning to do this and the students really enjoy getting on it at home and seeing what is new. Kids really enjoy being allowed on the computer and to be able to see their homework on the computer gives them a good reason to use the computer in a proper way. Often times students do not know how to properly use a computer, but by this, they are not only learning their school work, they are learning how to use their time wisely while on the computer. You did a very nice job and I like how you share that you care about your students. You did a wonderful job,

Ashley Wheeler

Joe said...

Hi Ms. Angala,
I just want to say that I love this idea that you have created here. I have to admit your blog is a great idea for your students and their parents. We are in the technology age, and by providing students with online activities, you are staying up to date with. It really shows that you care about the success of your kids and I hope I can have this same attitude when I get to be a teacher. I hope that this continues to work for you and your students!
Joe Gomez

Jackie Kehr said...

Hello Ms. Angala,
I am very excited to see a site like yours for not only students but also for their parents. The extent of your website speaks millions of what kind of teacher you are. Everyday I come home from school and see my sister asking my mother questions about how to do her homeowrk. But, as my mother barely got through high school, she is struggling to get through my sister's 6th grade homework. However, your site is very promising for parents like this. You give them some direction on how to help even if thats not what you intended to do. As a future math educator, I have to say, your site is amazing. Good luck in your future endeavors this year!
~Jackie Kehr

Shannon said...

Ms. Angala,
I am a student of Professor Post at Trinity Christian College. I think your blog is an excellent way to involve students and parents outside of school. I absolutely love what you have created here. It appears that you are very dedicated to your students and their parents. I would definately encourage your students to take advantage of this!I wish one of my teachers in grade school would have had a blog such as this to keep me updated on assignments and such. Thank you so much again for this wonderful site!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Angala, I love this site that you have created for your students! I think it is a great way for you to communicate with them outside of the classroom. I also think that its a great way to keep the parents involved in their children's work. It is also so great to see a teacher that is so dedicated to her students!! Keep up the great work!!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Angala,

I am a student of Professor Post at Trinity Christian College, and I really enjoyed reading what you have created on this blog! Students are becoming more and more involved with technology as there are more adaptations to the technology in the classroom, which is a helpful resource to use for outside of the classroom activities. Having such blog is very beneficial, and I hope I can incorporate such technology in my own classroom.

Kayla Schoneveld

Anonymous said...

Hello Ms. Angala!
Your ideas are very creative and energetic. It is good to see teachers like you out there who really care about their students. I hope your students realize what an inspirational teacher they have! I love the idea of an e-portfolio for the students. The positive comments and feedback on their work will really give them a confidfence boost. I really praise your ideas thank you for your dedication to student success.

~Rosie Adkins

Anonymous said...

Hey Ms. Angala
I just wanted to start off by saying how amazing your blog is and how much dedication you have as a teacher to create something like this. I think its great that you are going beyond for your students and their parents and making things so much more easier and creative for them. I think what you are doing is so great and benefits your students in so many ways. Its so nice to see a teacher do this for their students and it inspires others on how they want to be as a teacher. I hope that you continue with this and thanks so much for sharing your blog with us!
Thanks again
-Ashley Wierema

Anonymous said...

Ms. Angala- I just want to say that you are definately going above and beyond what many teachers do. It is so impressive that you put in the time that you do for the success of your students. I love the math raps and also find it useful that you put up the lesson plans as well. I think that it is a tremendous help that you put up the powerpoints from class as well. This will truly help the kids when it comes to taking tests, because they can just get on here and look at the powerpoints that were talked about in class. I think it is wonderful that you put in all the work that you do , and I strongly believe that this work ethic will be infectious. Your students have to take notice of the work that you do for them, and I think that in turn, they will work hard for you as well. Thank you for all that you do, you are an encouragement to me as a future teacher and a role model as well.- Jamie King

Anonymous said...

Ms. Angala,
I am also a student of Professor Post and Trinity Christian College. I would just like to say that I think that this blog is an excellent idea. I think that this makes homework a little more interesting than the same old worksheets. I love the fact that this is also available to the parents because it is so important to keep them involved in their children's lives. I think that you did a great job with this site, and I hope that your students appreciate all of the work that you put into it. I think that it is awesome to see a teacher that truely cares about her students, and wants to see all of them succeed. To your students I would just like to say that they are very lucky to have a teacher that cares about them. I hope that this web site is very useful to them, and I hope that they take advantage of this opportunity.
-Ashley Witvoet

Tom Clason said...


I am very impressed with all the extra work that you have done for your class. I really wish that all teachers would be this dedicated to their students. I think this is a great way to show off what the students have been accomplishing in your class. I would like to know if any of your students are doing any of the extra work online? Would you be able to check and see if the extra work helps in the classroom? Keep up the awesome ideas and thanks for sharing.

Tom Clason

Anonymous said...

Ms. Angala,
I really enjoyed your website. I also liked how you made it possible so you can communicate with the parents through blogs, etc. This is a great tool for the students to prepare for testing...or just simply homework. I wish I would have had this when I was in school. You truly did a great job and I wish you and your students success.
Kathy Urbanowicz

Anonymous said...

Hello there Ms. Angala,
I am a student from Trinity Christian College. I would just like to say that your dedication and commitment to your students is wonderful. The parents of your students should be both proud and honored to have you as their childs teacher. I love the fact that you care so much for your students to succeed individually both inside and outside the classroom. To me this shows that you really have a strong passion for your career. Its encredibly refreshing to see a teacher with as much care about her students as you do. You really go above and beyond for your students as well as their parents. I must say that you have truly fueled my fire even more to become a teacher. Thank you!!! Good luck on the spring tests!!!--Rob Dominguez

Jessica Jager said...

Ms. Angala,

It is great to see what you have set up for your students. I am currently in a computer science class for education and am learning about the importance of using technology in the classroom as well as the opportunities that can be created by incorporating it. You have given a perfect example of how technology can be used in a positive way to learn, in and out of the classroom. This is something that is important, as we grow up in a "digital age". Engaging students through technology in a way they can learn is a great way of teaching. I can tell that you really have the students best interest in mind with all that you do for them! Keep up the great work!

~Jessica Jager

let.the.Mellody.be.sung said...

Hello Ms. Angela,

Wow. It's a great website you have here. It's truly an inspiration to see teachers out there with the desire to teach and love their job that they are willing to go above in beyond. I hope to be one of those teachers one day. I love the website, and the idea of keeping the students involved with the parents at home to continue their learning outside of the classroom. Keep up the good work. God Bless-

-Mellody Avila

Anonymous said...

Ms. Angala,
This website is great! I not only love the layout and how organized the site is, but also the content. All the online information that you provide for your students is very useful. I would be so thankful to have this website available to me if I were one of your students. I think this website is relevant to teachers, parents, and students.
-Bridget Carey

Robert Rodarte said...

My name is Robert Rodarte a stundent of Mr. Post. I think the idea of having lesson plans, students activities on a blog format is really impressive and a great idea. This opens so many doors for parents and student to see their progress through the Internet, as well as take responcability for there work. The students coming up with the math raps, as well as the students being motavated shows that your ideas are working. I encourage to keep up the good work and thank you for sharing this.
Robert Rodarte

Kevin Kenealy said...

Ms. Angala -
This is the way that teachers should communicate with their classroom community. As someone who originally went and got their bachelors in online journalism, I am happy to see that blogs are being used in avenues other than the journalism field. They are one of today's great interactive inventions and the more we embrace them, the more we can get out of them. The congratulations you received from the Washington Post is warranted because more educators should be looking at things like this. I know I will.

-Kevin Kenealy,
Trinity Christian Sec. Ed. student

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WELCOME SY 2014-2015!

Teachers & parents tell me that this blog is like a "One-Stop-Shop", here's why ---

There are tons of lesson plans, printables, activity sheets and other resources that special education teachers can find in this blog! It's all for you to get the lil ones engaged in their seats and lovin' what they're doin'!

This blog is also our class portal to communicate information about our class, to archive course materials, to publish the course curriculum, syllabus, class rules, lessons, homework assignments, rubrics, and presentations. Yes, everything is in this blog for our students to review our lessons at home!

Parents love the transparency and the ability to access class materials in this blog. It's easy for parents to follow along as my students post their work. This holds true for their psychologists, social workers, general education teachers, and other special ed providers. This is another way for us to collaborate with the Multi-Disciplinary Team members of our students!

This class blog also serves as our students' e-portfolio. Our students collect the work they want to consider highlighting and then publish those that represent their best work. They then reflect on their work as they share them to their parents and teachers for positive comments and feedback. It's very easy for them to look back over their work and see the growth they've accomplished!

We invite you to please leave a message to our students. Beside the tiny envelope just after each entry is the comments link. Your positive feedback will surely encourage our students to do their best in school.

Thank you for visiting our class portal!