5 Pinterest Collaborative Boards: Teaching & Education

I must confess that I am now an official Pinterest addict and I have spent more than an hour of my waking day to devote to building content of my awesome Pinterest teacher boards since its inception in November. The great news is that I'm now opening them up for collaboration!
What are Pinterest Collaborative Boards? They are actually boards on Pinterest that allow other pinners to pin content on the board. Yes, it's that plain and simple! I believe that I have great colleagues who are also Pinterest users (like YOU!) who would want to share pins centered around teaching and special education. Collaborative boards on Pinterest are a great way to share your information to other teachers and networkers, while also generating great back links to your blog or website.
My Pinterest boards are now open, please leave a comment on the latest post and I will certainly add you. Let's start sharing!
#1. Books and Reading Resources. This is all about the written word. Please leave me a comment on the most recent pin if you are interested in sharing your books and everything about books on this board.
#2 Great Ideas From Teachers. Need ideas for the kiddos? Get authentic teacher-made classroom resources, fun kid-friendly games, craftivities and more from our amazing teachers. If you want to share your awesome classroom pins, please leave me a comment on the most recent pin! We currently have 75 teachers collaborating on this board, join us!

#3 Social Media and Technology in Education. For social media savvy teachers, this board is for you! Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google + tips and tricks to make all of them grow and glow...follow this board! Let me know if you want to be a pinner to this board by leaving a comment on the most recent pin.

#4 100+ Education Quotes. Get your education quotes from the most political edreform sayings to the most inspirational wisdom laden and famous proverbs from this board! Same process, share your pins by leaving a comment on the most recent pin and I will add you as a collaborator.
#5 National Board Certification and Teacherpreneurship. When the going gets tough, what do you do? Here are some resources that you might need if you are going through the process of National Board Certification or are just looking for teaching standards and best practices for effective teacher leaders. If you have something to share about NBC or Teacherpreneurship, please leave a comment on the most recent post.


STORY SELECTION: Passage to Freedom

LESSON PLAN for English Language Arts
DCPS STANDARDS COVERED: 6.IT-E1/ 6.LD-V.1 / 6.LD-V.7 / 6.LD-V.8 / 6.LD-V.10
Maria Angala, NBCT (Resource Teacher)

STORY SELECTION: Passage To Freedom (Anthology)

WARM UP: Different writing prompts will be given daily.


MATERIALS:- Anthology: Review Passage to Freedom
- Passage to Freedom online: http://www.eduplace.com/kids/hmr06/gr6/gr6_th1_sel2.html

METHODS & STRATEGIES:WHOLE GROUP DISCUSSION “Album for a Hero” Houghton Mifflin pages 50-51: This story tells about a diplomat who used his power to save people’s lives.
- What is a diplomat’s job?
- What kind of person do you think would be good at this job? Why?
- How do you think a refugee might feel?

WHOLE GROUP DISCUSSION (Picture Walk):- page 59: Who are these men? What do you think are they talking about?
- Pages 60-61: How are these people feeling? Why?
- Page 62: What is Mr. Sugihara doing in this picture? Why are the people waiting in line?
- Page 63: Why is the Sugihara family leaving on the train? Where do you think they are going? Who is waving goodbye to them?
- Page 64: What is the piece of paper on the train tracks? What feeling do you get from looking at this picture?

- Anthology: Review Passage to Freedom
- http://classroom.jc-schools.net/coleytech/dynamic_curriculum/Language/Passage%20to%20Freedom.ppt
- Rags & Riches Game for the story “Passage to Freedom”
- Passage to Freedom online: http://www.eduplace.com/kids/hmr06/gr6/gr6_th1_sel2.html


WHOLE GROUP DISCUSSION: Anthology: Review Passage to Freedom
SMALL GROUP: Review skills for “Passage to Freedom” with the Rags & Riches Game.


MATERIALS:- Dictionaries
- Vocabulary words from Passage to Freedom
- alphabetical order card sets in envelopes
- Anthology: Review Passage to Freedom
- http://classroom.jc-schools.net/coleytech/dynamic_curriculum/Language/Passage%20to%20Freedom.ppt
- Teaching Master1-4
- Practice Master1-4
- Passage to Freedom online: http://www.eduplace.com/kids/hmr06/gr6/gr6_th1_sel2.html


- Display and distribute Teaching Master ES1-4. Read the passage with students.
- Guide students to complete the chart. Have them make judgments supported by facts from the passage and their own experiences.
- Distribute Practice Master ES1-4 to students.
- Review the directions with students. Have them read the passage and complete the Practice Master independently.
- Check students’ responses to be sure they understand how to make judgments when they read.


Markers for a Back to School Card
Letter Envelope
Letter Writing PPT http://jc-schools.net/write/ppt/LetterParts.ppt
Lined paper
Capitals PPT Capitals Rule Download the Presentation
Punctuations PPT Flying Through Quotation Marks Download the Presentation
Sentences cards without punctuation
Passage to Freedom online: http://www.eduplace.com/kids/hmr06/gr6/gr6_th1_sel2.html


INDIVIDUAL ACTIVITY:- Have students read a paragraph in Passage to Freedom, naming and recording the capitals and punctuation marks.
- Ask students to write a Back To School invitation letter to their parents, and observe the punctuation and capitalization rules. Use the markers to draw pictures to make the invitations more creative.
- Ask students to address the letter envelope with the proper capitalization and put a stamp on it. Mail the letters in time for Back to School Night.


FRIDAY FUNDAY: Play this E- word game about Passage to Freedom. http://www.eduplace.com/kids/hmr06/?grade=6


Observation of student responses during Q&A
ES 1-4 Practice Master.
Board work
Anecdotal notes based on teacher observation of students' participation in class discussions
Spelling quiz (Friday)


DAILY HOMEWORK: Homework will be checked with parent’s signature daily. The same spelling list will be used for this week but each day, students will choose two from the list of activities (each day should be different):
· Use the word in an original sentence.
· Find and learn the definition of the word.
· Know how to pronounce the word.
· Which parts of speech is the word used as (e.g. noun, verb)?
· What are other forms of the word such as plurals or tenses.
· What are synonyms of the word?
· What are antonyms of the word?
· What is the origin or etymology of the word?
· What words rhyme with this word?

“PASSAGE TO FREEDOM” WORD LIST: long vowel sounds








Kristin Ipema said...

Maria Angala,

I think that using technology in the classroom is a very resourceful and good idea. I think that it is always important to be in close communication with your students so that you are able to clearly explain to your students what is expected of them, as well as be available to answer any questions that they may have. Having a teacher blog that lays out assignments is a good idea because technology is such a big part of students lives today and they need to be aware of the technology that we have and how we can use it to benefit education. I also believe this teacher blog is a good idea because it allows you not only to communicate with the students, but also the parents can be very involved with their child's performance in school by being aware of what assignments are do and what they are doing in class throughout the week. I think having a blog is a nice way for students to have no excuse of not knowing what is expected from them, because it is all clearly laid out for them and is available on the internet at anytime.

I hope you are finding out that this teacher blog is very successful in your classroom, and that students enjoy being able to use technology in education.

Anonymous said...

What a fun page you've got set up here. I like the idea of using a blog to keep updated in the classroom. Last semester I had the opportunity to use Edmodo in my CPSC class and found there were so many benefits to well designed programs for keeping in touch with students, whether to keep them linked together as a class outside of the classroom or to answer assignments and keep them updated on their progress. I have also seen quite a few other useful online tools for students, ranging from blogs to social networking programs to online video conferencing. Technology in the classroom will not only interest students about what teachers are doing more, but will help keep them more involved as well.

- Kevin Barron

Anonymous said...

Hello Maria,
I want to give my other class of SPED 216 (Inroduction to Special Education) at Trinity Christian College a chance to peruse (and hopefully be inspired) by your site. Thanks for all that you are doing for your students (and their parents)
Prof Pete Post

Kelly Houston said...

I really like the way you have incorporated technology into your lessons. I think this is a great way to keep parents informed and aware of what their children are learning about and what is expected of them. It is also a great way to keep students involved and up to date when they have missed a class. Technology is part of everyday life. At times, it can be distracting to a lesson. This is a great way to incorporate it and show students how it can be a tool in their learning process. I think creating new ideas and ways to implement technology into the classroom will only help relate to the students better.

Yasmin Fernandez said...

Hello. I'm an Art Ed. major at Trinity Christian College. I want to thank you for your blog. I think it's a great idea what you’re doing here and I look forward to doing something similar one day. While doing a simulation in one of my education classes our group had to come up with different ideas to resolve problems between parents, teachers and administrators. One of our groups' ideas was starting a blog very similar to this one. It ended up getting all the votes so great work on putting it together. The way you incorporate technology is wonderful. I know that it must serve as a great communication tool for teachers, students and parents while also empowering the students.

Justin Romanoff said...

Maria Angala,

Teacher blogging is a great idea to use in the classroom. It not only lets the students keep up with what is happening in class, but it allows the teacher to communicate with the students to answer any questions they might have. Technology is something that kids usually enjoy, and plays a big role in their life, and adding a blog page to the classroom could help them in their academic learning.

Anthony Ochoa said...

Hello, I am a physical education major at Trinity Christian College. Our assignment was to read your passage and comment on it. I really enjoyed reading this passage. I think that technology in our classrooms are very resourceful and a great idea. I believe that we as teachers need to keep up with the ever growing technology field because this is what our students know and I believe that this is all we as teachers are going to use to communicate with our future students. I think that technology is a big part of our student’s lives today, so we need to keep up with everything as well as keep our students on the ball with the every changing technology. I don’t believe that we will be able to ever be one hundred percent comfortable with technology because it is always changing and there is something new to learn every day.

Stephanie DeBoer said...

Maria Angala,
I think this blog that you have created is very clever and is a great use of technology in the classroom. This is also a great way for parents to be involved with their child's education. With technology growing and becoming the main way of communicating this is very helpful. Also the assignments are explained and everything is explain so well it should leave the child and parent with no questions.
This is a great blog and I hope that teachers, parents, and students continue to use technology the way have with the blog.

Chelsea Schuen said...

Thank you for blogging and providing so many useful tools and ideas for fellow teachers. Throughout my high school education I had many teachers who had their own blogs and updated them frequently with assignments or updates on the lesson we were covering. It was not only a useful tool for myself but also my parents. During dinner time conversation they would often spark conversation about the topics we were covering in our classes. I was able to see a connection to the real world and it helped tremendously. Using blogs to keep students, their family, and fellow colleagues is a great use of technology. The lesson plans and tools you offer to your readers are more than I could ask for as a future teacher. Please continue the amazing work you do with your blogging; technology has become such an integral part of education and its important to show our students how to use it efficiently and effectively.

Anonymous said...

I think that what you are doing is a wonderful idea. I am thinking about doing a blog when I begin teaching. In our day and age children love to use computers and other forms of technology. By having their lesson plans on a blog they can see what they are going to do and it may make them more excited about it. Also their parents are able to check what they are supposed to be doing so they can make sure their students are keeping up with their school work.

Good Luck in the future in your classroom and with you blogging.

~Samantha Rowe

Anonymous said...

I think that using teacher blogs is fantastic thing to have. It is great for both the students and the teacher. If a student has a question and thinks it might not be a good one they can ask anonymously. Also as a teacher you can look at other teachers blogs and get ideas for their class room. Technology can be a wonderful thing in the classroom and it can help make good teachers into great teachers.

-Joshua Michael Copeland

Anonymous said...

Hello Maria Angala,

My name Rene Hernandez and I'm a Trinity Christian College student majoring in Special Education. I first want to thank you for putting something like this up, it was really inspiring. As time goes by so does our technology, and with technology we are able to do more and more things than before. These assignments are really amazing. However, as a teacher, we need to keep up with the time and technology in order to really get an understanding of what is going on. If we can keep up with time and use it well, I say we will do well in handling the class.

Rene Hernandez

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to thank you for sharing this blog. I think what you are doing with your classroom is a great idea. It is very organized, detailed and easy to follow which is perfect for students and parents alike. The way you have incorporated technology is great because students seem to be drawn to it. It is a practical way to stay in touch with students in a way that is familiar to them. Thanks for the great ideas. I will definitely keep this blog in mind when I start teaching.
Be blessed,
Rebecca Verhage

Anonymous said...

Ms. Angala,

I never thought about blogging as a teacher. But after reading what my classmates had to say I must have to agree with the points they make. Blogging will not only benefit the teacher but it will pay off for the student. They will be able to look ahead at homework and maybe understand the material better. It also gives the parents the opportunity to be more involved with the child's school work. I also feel that it provies a chance for parents and teachers to establish a stable relationship. It is something that our generation will easily adapt to because we belong in the technology age. As time goes on I will definitely plan on blogging what I do.
Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Jackie Sanchez

Jenna Stech said...

I really like th way you used technology classroom. Technology keeps children interested in what is going on, and helps them understand more clearly what they are supposed to me learning. when teachers have a blog it helps the students and the teacher communicate easily, and helps keep parents involved and know what is going on in their childs lives. A blog from a teacher makes sure that no student has an exuse of "not knowing" what is expected of them.
Thanks for the passage about the teacher blog, and using technology in education.

Robyn Covert said...

Using technology in the classroom can benefit the students and their families in many ways. When I grew up, I never had the option of seeing my homework and stuff online. Now that I'm in college and always have my class's information online, I am always able to know about what homework I have to do and what the requirements are, instead of searching through tons of papers to find the right one. Technology is such a big thing in the world today and lots of children are starting to use it. For elementary education teachers, they could use technology the same way colleges do, but parents might have to assist the children. This can be beneficial because parents can make sure their kids are getting everything done. When schools hand students important letters to give to their parents, the children often forget. Technology can be used to send that letter straight to the parents. Overall, I think technology is very beneficial for the classroom and education. Thank you for posting this blog.

Catie Meiner said...

Hey there,
First off thank you for your blog, it is very interesting. I like the way that you are encompassing technology into the classroom. I am currently a sophomore at Trinity Christian College and studying to be a Elementary/Special Education teacher. Right now I am in a technology in education class and it is very helpful. I think it is extremely important to use technology in lessons because technology is soo much apart of our culture. It also makes learning more fun. I think the best way to get through to kids and help them understand things is to make it fun so that they want to learn. So good job and keep up the excellent work!

Kristen Rusthoven said...

I think this is a great idea to use this kind of technology as a teacher! It is a great way to communicate with your students and to help your students fully understand what they are supposed to do for a particular class. Also, if a student is absent from class for whatever reason they will be able to catch up sooner than if they had to wait for the next class period. Another great part is that they will have more direct communication with their teacher. I remember when I was in elementary school and high school, if we had to contact our teacher over break or the weekend we would have to leave them a voicemail at school and just hope they would check it. With a blog, a teacher can take 30 seconds to check over the weekend and breaks and see if any of their students need assistance. Great idea!

WELCOME SY 2014-2015!

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This blog is also our class portal to communicate information about our class, to archive course materials, to publish the course curriculum, syllabus, class rules, lessons, homework assignments, rubrics, and presentations. Yes, everything is in this blog for our students to review our lessons at home!

Parents love the transparency and the ability to access class materials in this blog. It's easy for parents to follow along as my students post their work. This holds true for their psychologists, social workers, general education teachers, and other special ed providers. This is another way for us to collaborate with the Multi-Disciplinary Team members of our students!

This class blog also serves as our students' e-portfolio. Our students collect the work they want to consider highlighting and then publish those that represent their best work. They then reflect on their work as they share them to their parents and teachers for positive comments and feedback. It's very easy for them to look back over their work and see the growth they've accomplished!

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