5 Pinterest Collaborative Boards: Teaching & Education

I must confess that I am now an official Pinterest addict and I have spent more than an hour of my waking day to devote to building content of my awesome Pinterest teacher boards since its inception in November. The great news is that I'm now opening them up for collaboration!
What are Pinterest Collaborative Boards? They are actually boards on Pinterest that allow other pinners to pin content on the board. Yes, it's that plain and simple! I believe that I have great colleagues who are also Pinterest users (like YOU!) who would want to share pins centered around teaching and special education. Collaborative boards on Pinterest are a great way to share your information to other teachers and networkers, while also generating great back links to your blog or website.
My Pinterest boards are now open, please leave a comment on the latest post and I will certainly add you. Let's start sharing!
#1. Books and Reading Resources. This is all about the written word. Please leave me a comment on the most recent pin if you are interested in sharing your books and everything about books on this board.
#2 Great Ideas From Teachers. Need ideas for the kiddos? Get authentic teacher-made classroom resources, fun kid-friendly games, craftivities and more from our amazing teachers. If you want to share your awesome classroom pins, please leave me a comment on the most recent pin! We currently have 75 teachers collaborating on this board, join us!

#3 Social Media and Technology in Education. For social media savvy teachers, this board is for you! Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google + tips and tricks to make all of them grow and glow...follow this board! Let me know if you want to be a pinner to this board by leaving a comment on the most recent pin.

#4 100+ Education Quotes. Get your education quotes from the most political edreform sayings to the most inspirational wisdom laden and famous proverbs from this board! Same process, share your pins by leaving a comment on the most recent pin and I will add you as a collaborator.
#5 National Board Certification and Teacherpreneurship. When the going gets tough, what do you do? Here are some resources that you might need if you are going through the process of National Board Certification or are just looking for teaching standards and best practices for effective teacher leaders. If you have something to share about NBC or Teacherpreneurship, please leave a comment on the most recent post.


Week 1 (English 1)

WORD OF THE DAY: http://www.merriam-webster.com/cgi-bin/mwwod.pl
WARM UP: Journal Entry (Autobiographical narrative)
Mon: What was your most humiliating junior high experience? Write a short, possibly funny, description of it.
Tue: Many names have special meaning or history. For example, the name Hannah means "favor" or "grace". The name Vito means "life".
Write about your own name. Who named you? What does your name mean? Does it have a special ethnic or religious significance? Are you named after someone in your family? If you could change your name, would you?
Wed: When a special event is on the horizon, people plan for it and get excited about it. Maybe it's a dance, an election, a family event, a party, a birthday, or an important sports game.
Think of a special event that you planned for and looked forward to that turned out much differently from what you expected. Write about what you expected would happen and what actually happened.
Thu: People feel passionately about sports. Some play sports and detest it, because they're not as good as they want to be; others play and love it, because they're competitive and skilled. Some pay close attention to pro or local teams. Some attend games as serious fans; others attend because they like the social interaction in the stands. Some people loathe sports and think that the people who play them and watch them are brainless jocks. Which group do you fall into? Explain.
Fri: Songs can invoke vivid memories; hearing a particular song can rocket you back to seventh grade or last summer. Write about a song that is really evocative of a certain time in your life.
Vocabulary Development
C1: Crime on mars - Vocabulary Development, pg 39; EOL - Vocabulary Development, pg 42

C2: The White Umbrella - Vocabulary Development pg 64; EOL - Vocabulary Development, pg 103
C3: The Interlopers - Read and discuss Academic Vocabulary for Collection 3, pg 79; Vocabulary Development, pg 81; EOL - Vocabulary Development, pg 158;
C1: Crime on Mars- Before You Read, pg 38; Read, discuss and respond to the text, pg 40-46; Skills Review, pg 47-49
C2: The White Umbrella - Before You Read, pg 63; Read, discuss and respond to the text, pg 65-74; Skills Practice, pg 75; Skills Review pg 76-77
C3: The Interlopers - HAR - Before You Read, pg 30; Read, discuss and respond to the text, pg 31-34; Skills Practice, pg 35; End of Selection Quiz (One Stop Planner)
Please quietly read pages 1-57 of the novel "El Bronx Remembered".
Mon: Analyze the plot in the selection "Crime on Mars" using this graphic organizer. Please submit this to your teacher before you leave the classroom (exit slip).
Tue: Analyze the setting in the selection "Crime on Mars" using this graphic organizer. Please submit this to your teacher before you leave the classroom (exit slip).
Wed: Please analyze the characters in the selection "The White Umbrella" using this graphic organizer. Please submit this to your teacher before you leave the classroom (exit slip).
Thu: Please analyze the point of view of the narrator/ voice in the selection "The Interlopers" using this graphic organizer. Please submit this to your teacher before you leave the classroom (exit slip).
Fri: Quiz about the elements of the story (setting, character, narrator/ voice), the selections "Crime on Mars", "The White Umbrella", and "The Interlopers".
Please continue reading pages 1-57 of the novel "El Bronx Remembered". Please take note of the following words:
- Mon: assured (p.1)
- Mon: barricaded (p.18)
- Tue: fluent (p.23)
- Wed: bereavement (p.33)
- Thu: intimate (p.40)
- Fri: deliberately (p. 45)
- Fri: insufficient (p.46)

Please use the Frayer Model Graphic Organizer to analyze each word (definitions and characteristics) and to synthesize/ apply this information by thinking of examples and non examples.
Due: all HW are due the next day.
STANDARDS: * 8.LT-F.5 * 9.LT-F.5 * 8.LT-F.5 * 9.LD-V.8 * 9.LD-V.7 * 9.LD-V.9 * 9.LT-F.5 * 9.LD-V.8 * 9.LD-V.7 * 9.LD-V.9

Take my online quiz about the elements of the story (setting, character, narrator/ voice), the selections "Crime on Mars", "The White Umbrella", and "The Interlopers".

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gaby said...

one of my obstacle in my life was when i came to this country I didn know how to speake and write' and understood anything about it was difficult for me all the time i was crying but know i learn a little bit but want to be learnt more each day and be better

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