5 Pinterest Collaborative Boards: Teaching & Education

I must confess that I am now an official Pinterest addict and I have spent more than an hour of my waking day to devote to building content of my awesome Pinterest teacher boards since its inception in November. The great news is that I'm now opening them up for collaboration!
What are Pinterest Collaborative Boards? They are actually boards on Pinterest that allow other pinners to pin content on the board. Yes, it's that plain and simple! I believe that I have great colleagues who are also Pinterest users (like YOU!) who would want to share pins centered around teaching and special education. Collaborative boards on Pinterest are a great way to share your information to other teachers and networkers, while also generating great back links to your blog or website.
My Pinterest boards are now open, please leave a comment on the latest post and I will certainly add you. Let's start sharing!
#1. Books and Reading Resources. This is all about the written word. Please leave me a comment on the most recent pin if you are interested in sharing your books and everything about books on this board.
#2 Great Ideas From Teachers. Need ideas for the kiddos? Get authentic teacher-made classroom resources, fun kid-friendly games, craftivities and more from our amazing teachers. If you want to share your awesome classroom pins, please leave me a comment on the most recent pin! We currently have 75 teachers collaborating on this board, join us!

#3 Social Media and Technology in Education. For social media savvy teachers, this board is for you! Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google + tips and tricks to make all of them grow and glow...follow this board! Let me know if you want to be a pinner to this board by leaving a comment on the most recent pin.

#4 100+ Education Quotes. Get your education quotes from the most political edreform sayings to the most inspirational wisdom laden and famous proverbs from this board! Same process, share your pins by leaving a comment on the most recent pin and I will add you as a collaborator.
#5 National Board Certification and Teacherpreneurship. When the going gets tough, what do you do? Here are some resources that you might need if you are going through the process of National Board Certification or are just looking for teaching standards and best practices for effective teacher leaders. If you have something to share about NBC or Teacherpreneurship, please leave a comment on the most recent post.


Writings of Exceptional Child: KEVIN H.

By Kevin H.
Grade 7

As years go pass by
God reaches His hands out to His children
He goes several times to read
Our minds as years go by.

I remember the bad things that happened
But it has passed as years go ahead
I will be ready for another new year 2006
It's going to be better if I don't get sick.

As my future passes by as years go by
The world changes but we cannot change the past
May the Lord forgive my guilt
Everything I failed and I missed.

I hope 2006 be a better year
For you and for me, for everyone
As forever the clock goes tick tock
The world continues to roll round and round.


By Kevin H.
Grade 7

Santa is coming down the chimney
Leaving the angels to watch over him
Energetic reindeers follow behind him
Interesting gifts wanting for some opening
Going 5 miles per hour to get to the houses
Hoping the kids are fast asleep.


Static Brain said...

Kevin, Years pass by is so thoughtful. You are one bright young man. God certainly does reach his hand out to his children. You are so right about that. He has his hand on you for you are special to him. Know that the Lord forgives you when you ask him to. That was his promise when he died for you to save you. I pray that the New Year goes well for you, like you want. May God bless you in the year to come, and always.

Aiesha S. said...

I am a student from McKinley Tech High School and I think that your poem about the years going by was excellent. You were very creative and I can tell that you really mean what you say. I hope you do have a respectful and blessed year and lifetime

WELCOME SY 2014-2015!

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Parents love the transparency and the ability to access class materials in this blog. It's easy for parents to follow along as my students post their work. This holds true for their psychologists, social workers, general education teachers, and other special ed providers. This is another way for us to collaborate with the Multi-Disciplinary Team members of our students!

This class blog also serves as our students' e-portfolio. Our students collect the work they want to consider highlighting and then publish those that represent their best work. They then reflect on their work as they share them to their parents and teachers for positive comments and feedback. It's very easy for them to look back over their work and see the growth they've accomplished!

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